About Adele

"As the owner of a small business specializing in federal retirement consulting, I bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to help individuals navigate the complex landscape of retirement planning. With a deep understanding of federal retirement systems and regulations, I am dedicated to empowering my clients to make informed decisions that will shape their financial future.

I have provided my customers with over 20 years of experience with federal retirement consulting and paperwork. I can assist with any federal agency retirement, death claims, and medical retirements. I can help my customers from across the nation to retire with confidence and ensure comfort with retirement calculations and planning prior to retiring.

I complete the paperwork process after initial meetings and calculations. I then prepare the documents for final signatures for ease of submission to streamline the retirement process.

Beyond my professional role, I am a loving family person who cherishes the precious moments spent with my loved ones. The warmth and genuine care I have for my family extend to my professional interactions, where I strive to create a supportive and compassionate environment for my clients."